Services We Provide



Blue Ridge Health Services Offers the following services:




Abbreviated IHSB

♥ Provides habilitation and skill building to enable the participant to acquire and maintain skills which support more INDEPENDENCE.

♥ Augments the family and natural supports of the participant. 

♥ Consists of an array of services that are required to maintain and assist the participant to live in community settings.



Abbreviated PC

♥ Support, supervision and engaging participation with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and other activities of daily living.

♥ Types of engaging activities may include learning to prepare meals, making the bed, dusting, or vacuuming.

♥ Includes assistance with monitoring health status and physical condition, assistance with transferring, ambulation and use of special mobility devices.



♥ Provides periodic support and relief to the primary caregiver(s) from the responsibility and stress of caring for the participant.

♥ Enables primary caregiver to meet or participate in planned or emergency events.

♥ Enables primary caregiver to have planned time for him/her and/or family members.

♥ May include in and out-of-home services such as overnight, weekend, emergency or continuous (up to 10 days) care.

♥ Includes transportation from the participants residence to points of travel in the community.



♥ Aimed at assisting participant to acquire, improve and retain skills in self-help, household management, meal prep, personal finance and socialization.

♥  Training outcomes focus on allowing the participant to improve his/her ability to reside as independently as possible in the community.

♥ Assistance with activities of daily life when the participant is dependent on others to ensure health and safety.

♥ Habilitation services that allow the participant to engage in home life or community activities.

♥ May be provided in an Alternative Family Living situation.

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